The Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce and the Thorn Hill Education Center hosted Friendsgiving Nov. 2, 2022, at Thorn Hill Education Center. (Photographs by Charlie Baglan)

Kelley Anderson and Jason Allen
Julie DeWolfe and Cathy Jennings
Melissa Banta and John Senter
Debra Sudduth and Steve Skinner
Tish Shade and Cindy Skinner
Jeana, Levi and Trina Wallace
Presley Winner and Melony Smith
Aubri Courtney and Caleb Manley
Berry Popp and Darrell Sanderson
LaDonna Waiganjo and Chris Smith
Taisha Chandler and Scotty Tracey
Kim Richardson, Jennie Olmstead and Andrea Giusti
Tambra Harrod and Kim Smith
Sabrina and Steve Brown
Ryan Quales, Tish Shade, Suszy Hosley and Joy Brooks