Unity in the Community took place June 10, 2023, at First Baptist Church on Clinton Street. (Photographs by Charlie Baglan)

Changzheng Wang and Mary Crowley Schmidt
Connie Lemley and Andy McDonald
Emily Billingsley and Amy Hall
Gary and Margaret Logan
Jim Thurman and Derrick Graham
Joe Williams, Scott Tracy and Maurice Byrd
Julius and Malachi Bradley
Lori Chochran, Janet Gates, Shannon Sullivan, Julie Bradley and Maddey Gates
Mary Hamilton and Tommy Haynes
Mecco, Patrica and Amica Murphy
Paula Faught, Dalton Bennett and Mora Rehm
Sadie Taylor and Jonathan Phlpot
Stephen and Marian Taylor
Tamera Magee and Chavon Sanford
Tattoo Boxx, Marcus Pierce and Mark Payne
Tim Uhl and Amy Thomason