By David Hamilton,

When someone is in need of help and just can’t wait to be squeezed in at the doctor’s office next week, Frankfort Urgent Care is there.

One of the many emergency care facilities throughout the state under the Urgent Care of Kentucky umbrella, Frankfort Urgent Care aims to bridge the gap between emergency needs and primary care providers, urgent care owner Dr. Anwar Soda said.

“A lot of illnesses, they call their primary care and can’t get in for a week. Well, a lot of stuff can’t wait for a week,” Soda said. “So, they can come here, walk in and get treated conveniently.”

The types of illnesses the urgent care handles runs the gamut, Soda said. Whether a small child running a fever, a soccer player twisted an ankle or someone is suffering from a possible heart attack, Soda said the urgent care is equipped to handle a patient’s needs, or in extreme cases, staff will make sure to get a patient to the emergency room.

The Frankfort Urgent Care, located at 101 King’s Daughter Drive near the intersection with Lawrenceburg Road, is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and has a doctor or nurse practitioner present as well as three medical assistants.

With influenza season setting in, Soda said this time of year is always busy for the center. But Frankfort Urgent Care does so much more than care for cold or flu patients, he said.

“We treat traumas like fractures, brain, lacerations. We do incision and drainage for abscesses,” Soda said. “We do a wide variety of services, and we see all ages.”

The urgent care also has digital x-ray machines, with which Soda said takes only about 15 to 20 minutes to get results.

A goal of the Frankfort Urgent Care staff, and the staff of all Urgent Care of KY centers, is to get patients in and out quickly while treating them caringly and with kindness, Soda said.

“We want to be fast and efficient, but we don’t want to jeopardize the quality of care,” he said.

Also, given the amount of transient workers in Frankfort, Soda said people could take advantage of having Urgent Care of Kentucky facilities in numerous locations outside of Frankfort, including Berea, Georgetown, Lawrenceburg, Lexington and Versailles. That way, he said, someone who lives in Versailles but works in Frankfort could have the flexibility of visiting either center.

As one of the Urgent Care of Kentucky owners, Soda said he also wants people to know that the business is family-owned and operated and that none of the work is outsourced.

“I think that kind of sets us apart from a lot of places,” Soda said.

Frankfort Urgent Care has served the area since it opened in 2010, four years after the first Urgent Care of Kentucky opened in Berea. More information about Frankfort Urgent Care is available at