There is a point in life where retirement living becomes naturally comfortable. An easy schedule of social activities with a close circle of friends, and golf with like-minded neighbors. When Curtis and Debbie Milton started design and construction of their new home they knew they wanted to be in close proximity to the Frankfort Country Club golf course. They knew they wanted a floor plan with the majority of living space on one level. It was also an opportunity to design a home with modern features and finishes. Choosing a consistent high contrast color palette of black and white throughout the home presents a strikingly contemporary aesthetic.

Part I of a two part series on this beautiful new home begins with master bathroom design. Specific master bath requirements were considered early in the selection of the home’s floor plan. Requirements included double vanities, a free standing tub, enclosed shower, and plenty of closet space. These are reasonable new construction features. What sets this master bath design apart from other homes is the drama created by the high contrast color — stark black and pure white.

  1. Consistent theme: A black and white theme tempered by soft gray runs consistently through the home. The high contrast black and white has its highest presence in the master bath with black shower tiles, marble patterned porcelain floor tiles, and white cabinetry. The sparkle of polished chrome accessories remains consistent throughout the house and adds sophistication.
  2. High drama: Without movement and pattern the stark contrast of black and white becomes a vintage look, not a modern aesthetic. The movement in this bathroom is found in the heavily veined quartz vanity tops and marble patterned porcelain floor tiles. The veining in both materials is a prominent feature of the room. With the background color predominately white the room remains bright.
  3. Modern formats: A modern aesthetic was established by two different tile formats. Large 24 inch porcelain tiles set with straight joints (squares) were used on the floor.   A linear version of highly polished charcoal tile set in a one third off set (a variation of a traditional subway pattern) was used in the dramatic shower.   The two formats work together in their color and finish – high contrast black and white, both patterned and solid, along with the highly polished glazes of each.
  4. Doubles, doubled: With the free flowing dramatic veining of the floor and vanity tops, the use of symmetry establishes a sense of order and calm.   While not symmetrical in layout, the bath is designed with modern symmetry. Identical double vanities are split by the entry door. The simply styled, but dramatic white modern tub sits as the center of the focal point. It is enclosed in a niche framed in by a pair of walk-in closets on each side.
  5. Practical basics: The basics of black and white allow for the use of any accent color of choice. To maintain a modern aesthetic the home owners can use white, gray or black accessories. To add a seasonal color splash, the use of blue, red, green, or any other color is an option. By providing a basic backdrop of black and white within the design plan, the use of personal color becomes an easy option a change in personal preferences.

Terri Bennett is owner of Terri Bennett Interior Design.