By Bryan Reynolds,

Vision First, at 1303 Suite 108 on U.S. 127 S., provides customers with a wide selection of frames, lenses, contacts and vision health services.

“We try to treat everybody like family,” said Dr. Kevin Stallard, OD. “We try to get to know the patients and what their needs are.”

He explained vision care is more than just making sure patients can see the vision test chart and selling them glasses or contacts. Vision First doctors talk to their patients so they can better understand their day-to-day lives and when their eye problems occur.

“There’s an art to getting a pair of glasses made,” Stallard said. “You have acuity, which is seeing the chart and being able to read. But if I do everybody at 16 inches on reading and someone does all of their work at a computer that is 20 inches away those glasses aren’t going to work.”

Getting to know the patient helps doctors Stallard and Dr. Lance Long to provide the correct product to their patients.

Vision First doesn’t only provide frames, lenses and contacts but also covers vision health too. They do diabetic exams, treat glaucoma, treat eye injuries and also perform post and pre-operation surgeries for cataracts, Stallard explained.

Vision First takes just about every insurance. They take both medical insurance and vision care plans.

“There’s very few vision plans I’ve seen that we don’t take,” said Jonny Clark, location manager.

Vision First also has 15 different locations. Most branches are focused in the Louisville area, but there are also locations in Lichfield, Hodgenville, Shelbyville and Munfordville. There are a few locations in Indiana as well.

Stallard said patient information is available on a database at each location, so if a customer orders a pair of glasses while traveling in Indiana, but lives in Frankfort, they can have them delivered there.

Vision First also gives back to the communities they are located in. In Frankfort, one Friday a month, employees can wear jeans to work if they donate to a local charity. One of those charities was the Angel Tree through the Salvation Army at Christmas time.