Introducing personality in your home results in an expression of yourself. A home’s personality provides comfort and enjoyment when it reflects you. The home of Mike and Regan Satterwhite is a personal expression of their interests and how they live.

Their individual career paths can be seen in the unique décor and design. Mike, an employee of Keeneland, introduces equine related themes. Fairly large in scale, six saddle cloths used to blanket horses during sponsored races hang sequentially in what would normally be an unnoticed area above the great room. Regan, a culinary arts teacher at Henry Clay High School in Lexington, remodeled the kitchen with personally-selected finishes. A rustic farm table built by Regan’s brother, Thomas, was a wedding gift to the couple. These three elements were the starting point in their design process.

By choosing a calm, neutral color palette throughout the house, the unique furniture and décor become the focus. Adding in appropriately scaled neutral décor, such as a large historical map of Kentucky, keeps the décor balanced and the rooms comfortable.

Mike and Regan Satterwhite’s kitchen is U-shaped. (Photo submitted by Terri Bennett)

  1. Simple design. Mike’s collection of thoroughbred saddle cloths were found at Keeneland. He secured these authentic pieces not knowing where they would be used, and long before the purchase of the house. Each of the large race sponsor blankets has a different number for the individual horses in the race. The simple black-and-white design, along their placement overhead, keeps them from overpowering the space.
  2. Modern look. A newly remodeled kitchen was essential for an accomplished chef. While compact in size, the material finish choices make the most of the U-shaped layout. Bright, light gray cabinets, stainless appliances and modern linear format ceramic tiles result in a modern look. Adding glass front cabinets on either side of the window adds an expansive feel.
  3. Rustic styling. The long rustic harvest table built by Regan’s brother is a unique, personalized addition. The handcrafted coffee table and equine themed open shelving continues the rustic, yet modern styling, and ties seamlessly to the saddle cloths.
  4. Spacious feel. As a visitor to the home, the space appears much larger than its actual size. Its open layout is an inviting space for family and friends. It flows from entry to the connecting dining and great room, and into the kitchen. The raised ceiling in the great room adds to the spacious feel of the home and to the comfort of adjacent rooms. A continuous run of wood flooring draws visitors through the house and lends itself to a warm, inviting space.
  5. Live comfortably. True to most well-designed homes, the Satterwhite’s have incorporated furnishings that live comfortably, but look fresh and modern. Neutral fabrics, colorful area rugs, and a soft, tasteful color palette become the home’s reflection of its owners. Big personality that lives in a cozy house.

Terri Bennett is the owner of Terri Bennett Interior Design/T. Bennett Home + Gift