The Lighting of the Trace took place Nov. 30, 2023, at Buffalo Trace Distillery. (Photographs by Charlie Baglan)

Katie Wilhoite and Adanna Hydas
Shamus, Oliver, Elliot, Brittney and Simon Staubach
Randy, Cali and Karoline Borup
Angela Witten and Breanna Sanford
Lisa and Charlene Thompson, and Victor Adorno
Michael Keicher and Deven Jackson
Rhonda Kays, Audria Story, Jessica Putly, Julia Welsh and Jeannean Thomas
Dallas Wills, Daniel Wills and Logan Curry
Kevin and Molly Dews
Abby and Rorey Higgins
Hilly Dobner and Brooke Colburn
Gabriel and Jolene Sutton with Thunder
Logan, Robby and Haylie Bush with Thunder
Back row, from left, Cheyenne May, Santino and Kaidence Tillman; front row, Karter, Kingston, Kamden TIllman
Coby Payne, Peyton Foley, Hadley Richerson, Sherry Payne, Chuck Wimer and Trenton Richerson