The Frankfort Country Club Capital Classic golf tournament took place Aug. 3, 2023. (Photos by Charlie Baglan)

Charlotte Wall, Marie Grasch and Carol Foster
Lori Woodside and Lee Bell
Connie Goins and Trish Gregory
Gabriella Johnson and Hope Sizemore
Natalie Britton and Meribeth Gaines
Patti Sebastian and Debbie Milton
Norma Darnell and Lynne Saunders
Carol Ferguson and Terry Tracey
Cookie Whitehouse and Alice Hoctor
Brenda Majcher and Billie Lee
Judy Halasek, Carol Ferguson, Natalie Britton, Terry Tracey, Julie Dawson, Meribeth Gaines and Charlotte Nelson
Jean and Jeri Vickers
Mary Matthews and Lois Ross
Cathy Mobley and Susan Lawson
Lori Woodside, Debbie Milton, Jean Vickers, Lee Bell, Fran Wells and Patti Sebastian
Fran Wells and Abby Nedeljko