The Downtown Derby Celebration, hosted by Downtown Frankfort Inc. and Visit Frankfort, took place Saturday, May 7, 2022, in downtown Frankfort.

Kayleigh Pettibone
Adrian, Ellis, 2, and Angeline Mathenia
Paige Watson and Debbie Watson
Jessica and Masha Maina
Crystal and Voin Barker
Sheri DeBois, Denise Wilkinson, Diana McMahan, Misha Stempel and Melissa Wiseman
Luke Hosley, Quinn Hosley, 5, Suzy Hosley and Tami Braden
Marlyn and Mike Waford
Alicia Jacobs and Matthew Stark
Kyra Dailey and Ashlyn Willard
Kelly Everman and Santa Russ Kennedy
Haygan Schoolfield