The Capital Ovarian Cancer Organization (C.O.C.O.) hosted a Celebration of Life event on April 24, 2023, at The Foundry. (Photographs by Charlie Baglan)

Barbara Durham and Billie Lee
Bill and Jenny Young
Darin and Bethany Dillow
Darlene Stivers and Marcia Mathews
Diane Smith and Lisa Grim
Fran Wells and Ann Hester
Jeri Mayes, Karen Liebman and Sara Sutherland
Joyce Rector-Hayes, Steve Hayes and Kitty Werner
Judy Campbell and Georganne Johnson
Lisa Cochran and Lindsey Melton
Lisa Moore, Robert Tudor and Kathy Phelps
Marie Cull and Kathy Campbell.
Pam and Ted Beebe
Sonny Mooney and Russ Wells
Teresa Ellis and Carolyn Keltner
Glenna Glass, Dr. Jack van Nagell and Tina Payne