Weekday Community School hosted its 60th-anniversary celebration on Sunday, April 30, at First Presbyterian Church. (Photographs by Charlie Baglan)

Anntasia Hudson and Kelsea Harvey
Brenda Parker, Lisa Cochran and Nea Rodgers
Colton and Max Good
Glenna and Dan Glass
Harrison Rodgers, Brylen Smither and Marcy Drury
Jacob, Rikki and Meredith Proctor
Lauren, Merritt and Bowen Germond
Loretta, Sammy, Megan and Lorelai Woodson
Rev. J.T. Slience and Bryan Stopper
Robin Wheatley, Cameron Phelps and Lila Johnson
Savannah Nalley, Cynthia Lawson and Kathy Phelps
Sen. Gex Williams and Curtis Milton