Candlelight Weekend kicked off Nov. 10, 2022, in downtown Frankfort. (Photographs by Charlie Baglan)

Larry and Donna Britton
Skyler Motley, Krissy Ott and The Grinch
Members of the Kentucky State University Men’s Basketball Team
Kaycen Weaver, Kayne Jenells and Shanice Brown
Sandy Lee, Diane Bryant, Belinda MInor and Bonnie Clements
ZIggy, Monika Zuniga and Suzy
Lanette Tillman, Makenzie Hockensmith and Ashley McGregor
Logan, Tessa, Susan and Mattie Stamos
Kyleigh and Addison Osborne, and Jenny Russell
Julie and Ally Napier
Father Christmas, Russ Kennedy
Father Christmas, Russ Kennedy
Father Christmas, Russ Kennedy, and Hannah Monheimer
Kathy Moore, Rhonda Sims, Joanne Jensen and Roma Jean Sims
Nancy Plum and David Hecker
Katrisha Waldridge and Mary Barr
Kentucky State University K’Rettes with Katrish Waldridge
Jeniffer and Shelley Mauer, Colt, Harper and Melissa Wiard