One thing you can count on in every charming town in America is a collection of fabulous and unique places for a drink, a bite to eat or to catch up on the local news.  Fortunately, for visitors and locals alike in Frankfort, you can do all three at Capital Cellars. Then,  grab a bottle of bourbon to take home with you.

With local art hanging on the walls, Jimi Hendrix playing on the radio, and a friendly face greeting you as you walk in the shop, the atmosphere immediately lets you know that you’ve walked into a special place.

If you stop in for a wine tasting on Thursday or Friday, you will realize that you’re not the only one who finds the atmosphere unique, friendly and inviting. Rachael Peake, the visionary behind Capital Cellars, has worked hard over the past eleven years to cultivate this particular vibe.

However, the bar menu would draw a crowd regardless. With over 25 wines at any time, a rotating beer selection and over 100 bourbons to choose from, Capital Cellars provides the best selection in Frankfort. The menu is as diverse as it is extensive, especially when it comes to the bourbon.

Capital Cellars has dual licenses, allowing it to sell liquor as well as serve it. Rachael and her team work with the distributors, take requests from customers and try new products on the market to ensure that the shop is always stocked with new, great selections. From German wines to craft bourbon distilled in Paducah, you can find almost anything or fall in love with something new.

For those of us who don’t know a single barrel from a double or a pinot noir from a pinot grigio, the people at Capital Cellars are there to help. As a certified wine judge with an extensive background in the industry, Rachael and her team are your go-to source for information on wines and bourbons .

If you need a wine to pair with a steak to impress a date, bourbon to impress a father-in-law or something off the beaten path to try one evening, everyone at Capital Cellars is prepared to help you find what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in a more in-depth education, Capital Cellars offers a wine club as well as classes.

“The wine club is a fun way to experience premium wines,” Rachael said.

Capital Cellars offers classes twice a year. For six weeks, you and your fellow wine enthusiasts can meet every Monday to learn everything from the art of wine tasting to the history of wine production.

Each season is different and focuses on a different category of wine from different parts of the world. Translation: You can take the class over and over to keep learning about new wines!

Whether you come to shop, to munch or to sip, the people will keep you coming back again and again. The team at Capital Cellars is a family and like any true southern family, they will always welcome new members to their table.

“The best part of my day is walking in and seeing 20 people I know hanging out here,” Rachael said.