What started with decorating their home with just a few Christmas lights about 20 years ago, Bob and Lisa Coutt’s property has now grown into a dazzling wonderland that can be seen from the East-West Connector.

This Christmas, more than 40,000 lights will decorate the Coutts’ home at 1216 Pradero Drive. There are lights that wrap the trees and house, Santa’s sleigh and reindeer rest on the roof, along with a peacock, elephant and a pig. Angels hang from the trees and a large cross decorates the side of their garage.

Bob and Lisa Coutts (Photo by Hannah Brown)

One of the biggest light attractions in their yard is a 12-foot Ferris wheel that Bob made.

FRANK.: How did you get started with decorating?

Lisa: The first year, our youngest son (Matthew) begged for us to put up lights. Bob didn’t want to fool with it, but he did put lights on the bushes. From there, it grew and grew and turned into his madness.

Bob: At one point, I had a 50-foot evergreen and I put green lights on it all the way to the top. One year I rented a bucket to put lights at the top.

Two years ago, I built the Ferris wheel. It took a month or so to build it. I made it out of PVC pipes. I have another one I’m building right now out of steel. It will turn.

FRANK.: What is your favorite light?

Lisa: The cross that hangs on the end of the garage. And, I like the 6-foot tall snowman.

Bob: The Ferris wheel.

FRANK: Where did you get the idea for the Ferris wheel?

Bob: I saw one in Branson, Missouri, and another in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. They were real Ferris wheels with LED lights. Mine is a miniature model of those. The new Ferris wheel is about 12 feet tall.

FRANK.: What do your neighbors think?

Lisa: The kids next door love it.

Bob: The kids are going to help me set up the lights this year, which I appreciate. One wants to go on the roof with me.

Other neighbors think I’m crazy. Some are concerned about my electric bill.

FRANK.: Is your electric bill high?

Lisa: It only adds about 30 extra dollars.

FRANK.: Are there any light additions you’d like to make in the future?

Bob: I have a few ideas I want to try.

Lisa: He has talked about building a carousal.

FRANK.: How does it make you feel to spread your love of Christmas to people passing by?

Bob: It’s just fun to do. It makes me feel good. There’s a lady with an autistic child who loves to come by and see the lights.

We have lots of people come by every year. Some come back nightly. It makes me feel happy.

Lisa: He likes for everybody to enjoy it.

FRANK.: What do you like to do when you’re not working on Christmas lights?

Bob: I do lawncare and I’m restoring my parents’ 1948 Ford truck. It’s our old farm truck. I’ve been working on it for four years. It’s getting the transmission fixed now. I had it painted. I take it to classic car shows. It was displayed at the Kentucky Horse Park this summer.

Lisa: I make beaded jewelry. I go to craft shows in the fall. I volunteer for Sweet Blessings. We have an 8-month-old granddaughter we enjoy spending time with. We also have a 22-year-old granddaughter.