Guthrie and Jennifer True’s Cape Cod-style brick home in Two Creeks makes visitors feel welcome even before walking in the front door. Every season, the various plantings around the house lend interest and texture to the circular driveway entrance. The warm color of the brick and an inviting porch seem to say, “Come on in!” In a word, the True home is comfortable.

Jennifer, who at one time worked at the Lexington Ethan Allen store, has thoughtfully and tastefully decorated their four bedroom, three and a half bath home. “The Lee’s (David and Ann Lee) built the house in 1993,” Jennifer explains. “We bought it from them and moved from the west side of town in November, 2012. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the house.”

Traditional, updated style

As in many traditional home layouts, the living room and dining room are to the left and right of the front foyer. A staircase leads to the upstairs bedrooms and baths. Along the back of the main floor is a spacious family area that opens to the kitchen and breakfast room surrounded by windows looking out to the Frankfort Country Club golf course. The master suite also has views of the course.

“We basically live on the first floor,” Jennifer says. “It’s just a nice space to be in.” Comfortable couches and chairs surround the fireplace. Sliding glass doors open to a large deck, making for a wonderful indoor, outdoor space during nice weather.

Walking through the house, Jennifer points out furniture bought at auctions that fit perfectly, like the corner cabinet in the breakfast area. “We’re not sure when that (corner cabinet) was made but probably some time in the 1800’s” Jennifer comments. “It’s the only corner in the house that it will fit!” She points out cherished pieces of furniture, art and memorabilia from Guthrie or her family. “I’d much rather have a family piece any day that has meaning,” Jennifer says.

The house isn’t just filled with antiques. Jennifer has chosen to intersperse modern touches with updated light fixtures and interesting furniture. “I don’t like a lot of stuff sitting out,” she explains. “I like to decorate myself but sometimes I think you second guess yourself and it’s good to get some help. Julie Williams designed our master bathroom and has helped me quite a bit in the past. And Robin Cole, who owns Robin’s Nest in Middletown, has been my ‘go-to’ for so many things lately. Most of the basement has pieces from Robin’s Nest.”

At the bottom of the basement steps is a wall of shelves dedicated to books and memorabilia. Toys from Guthrie’s grandfather and father sit next to photos from the past. Another wall has photo collages of True family vacations. The lower level is a “nod to our Kentucky roots” according to Jennifer with special pieces chosen to represent their past.

Out the walkout basement door, a seating area and a fire pit for chilly evenings awaits. “Inside Out Design did everything outside for us,” Jennifer remarks. “These are the best-ever chairs to sit in,” she says of the comfortable outdoor furniture on the patio.

Ready for the holidays

Decor for Christmas will begin going up the week after Thanksgiving according to Jennifer. Last year the Trues had the local downtown shop, Simply Garden, decorate. “We do a large tree in the foyer and a tree in the family room decorated with ornaments that represent our family history. There are ornaments from vacations and family-made decorations,” she says.

Upstairs in one of the bedrooms, a Christmas tree stands in a corner decorated with heirloom handkerchiefs that belonged to Guthrie’s grandmother. “When we cleaned out the farm house in Shelby County, we found a huge bin of linens and the handkerchiefs were in there,” Jennifer remarks. The couple’s grandson, Henry, also loves the Wizard of Oz tree that they put up each year.

During the holidays, Jennifer tries to have everything ready for the next gathering. “We have people here all the time around Christmas,” Jennifer says. “ Friends from church come after the Christmas Eve service. Then my family meets up here because it’s a good central location. I grew up in Elizabethtown so we have people coming from there and Tennessee. After an event, I take everything off the table, wash the tablecloth and try to set it back up for the next group!”

Hidden treasure

Guthrie has spent most of his life in Franklin County but when he was a senior in high school his parents bought a farm in Shelby County. “I finished high school in Franklin County because my mom taught here,” he explains.

After law school, Guthrie came back to Frankfort to work. “I wanted to learn how to try cases so I went and talked to Bill Johnson about a job because I thought he was just about the best trial lawyer in the state at the time. So, he gave me a job and it’s just evolved from there.” Guthrie currently practices law at True Guarnieri Ayer, LLP in Frankfort.

Guthrie and Jennifer both feel that living in Frankfort has been a good fit for their family. “I like Frankfort. I think Frankfort’s a nice town to practice law in,” Guthrie says. “And it’s been a really nice place to raise our two girls Whitney and Sloane. It’s between Lexington and Louisville and it’s a nice small town atmosphere near bigger metropolitan areas. Frankfort’s really a hidden treasure.”

Jennifer adds, “I like the sense of community. I love being able to go downtown with all the little shops with the Old Capitol right across from them. We’re not a big city with a capital that sits in the middle of a bunch of skyscrapers. There’s a sense of history when you walk around our city.”