The Garden Club of Frankfort

The beauty of downtown Frankfort comes alive during the Christmas season when many of if it’s private and public historic homes are decorated.

A common decoration is wreaths. The symbol of wreaths come from early Greek and Roman times when laurel were used to distinguish royalty or victories.

The term wreath comes from an old English word “writhen” that is to “to writhe” or “to twist.” The Roman’s began hanging them on their doors as a symbol of victory. The Greeks started using them as awards for sporting events.

Though the design of the Olympic medal has evolved, it began as laurel wreath.

Wreaths took on a Christian connotation at the advent of Christ’s birth to symbolize the never ending love of God’s love, his strength and the creation of new life.

Because the evergreens are so hearty, they became the greenery of choice.

Wreaths hang on either side of the door at the Letcher Lindsey House. (Photo by Gene Burch)
Wreaths hang in the window of the Todd House in downtown Frankfort. (Photo by Gene Burch)
The Governor’s Mansion is adorned with wreaths and greenery during the holiday season. (Photo by Gene Burch)