The Garden Club of Frankfort has chosen the home of Sally and Craig Wiggins as Frankfort’s House of the Month. Homes are chosen based on outstanding landscape design.

At first glimpse, the Wiggins house appears to have been nestled among its trees and creek for many years, but the house, located in the Armstrong Crossing subdivision, was built only 10 years ago in 2010.

Sally and Craig lived in the Tanglewood subdivision for many years and loved their home and the area and had no plans to move. This all changed when their daughter and son-in-law, Meg and J.D. Quarles, found two beautiful lots in a brand-new subdivision. The idea of moving next to their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren was one they could not resist. 

They wanted a home with a traditional look and had always loved older homes. They also wanted to choose a design that would enhance the natural beauty of the property with its majestic sycamores and the picturesque creek that runs behind the house.

The two-story brick house plan they chose is perfect for the location. A landscape architect helped with the design and suggested a unique stone knee wall at the entrance. The choice of plants complements the style of the home, with a foundation of English boxwoods, limelight hydrangeas, azaleas and hollies.  

The back of the house features two sets of French doors leading from the family room and a third set of French doors leading from the master bedroom to a spacious slate patio. With an area for grilling, dining and a comfortable sitting area, it is the perfect place for enjoying views of the property and entertaining. Sally fills the patio with colorful containers overflowing with flowers during the summer.

Craig was lucky enough to meet the original owner of the property, John Mitchell. John owned the property when it was still a farm and shared with Craig its rich history. One of John’s favorite things on the property was the old stone wall running along the creek. 

By the time Craig and Sally purchased the lot the wall was in disrepair. John was pleased to hear that they wanted to restore the wall. Craig began to study the art of stone wall repair and has restored about 1,000 feet of wall during the past few years. He has also planted hundreds (maybe thousands) of daffodils along the wall, which is a spectacular sight in the spring.  

About seven years ago Craig built a treehouse by the creek for their grandchildren. The treehouse is a dream come true for any child and would be right at home in a fairy tale. It is strung with lights on the outside, which provides enjoyment at night all year long. Sally’s and Craig’s grandson, Tommy, is an avid bird watcher, so a large picture window was added and several bird feeders sit on a platform with an ingenious set of pulls to draw the feeders into the playhouse to be filled.  

Another feature to aid in bird watching is the purple marlin house built by Craig. Unfortunately, the only birds that have enjoyed the purple marlin house, to date, are starlings. 

Not to be discouraged, he has built numerous other birdhouses with many different hole sizes to attract a wide variety of birds. The bird houses are scattered around the property and add to the charm, as well as a haven for birds.

The creek is an incredibly special and magical place that runs along both the Wiggins’ and Quarles’ properties. Their daughters, Meg and Amy, hosted a special 50th anniversary celebration for the couple at the creek in 2017.

As is obvious from the many projects they have undertaken during the past 10 years, they love to spend spare time making their home a special place to live. In addition to the numerous projects, Craig does all the mowing and maintenance. You would think by reading this article that Craig is retired, but he still maintains his orthodontics practice. Craig is one busy man. 

Sally and Craig took a big leap when they moved from a home they loved in Tanglewood to relocate next to their family, but it is a move that has been extremely rewarding and a decision they have never regretted. With Sally’s exquisite decorating talent and Craig’s exuberant endeavors outside, their home is an inviting and special place.

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