“I can’t leave until I say goodbye to Humpty!” Since December 2021, many parents have become very familiar with this sentiment. “Eggcited!,” the sculpture of Humpty Dumpty that was installed in front of the Paul Sawyier Public Library (PSPL) by the Josephine Sculpture Park as part of their Art in Public Places program, has captured the hearts of children and adults alike. Many families have to start their visit to the library by saying hello to Humpty (as he is affectionately known to everyone) or by giving him a high five, and many children won’t leave the library without telling Humpty goodbye. He has quickly become a part of the family at the library, so much so that the Friends of PSPL are raising funds to keep him here in Frankfort, at the library, after his time to visit is up in October. 

Minnesota artist Kimber Fiebiger “creates bronze sculptures that range from fun and whimsical to classical and contemporary.” Fiebiger brought Humpty to Frankfort to be part of the Public Art Tour. He was supposed to grace our city for a limited period of time, from December 2021 through October 2023. When approached by FrankArts about hosting a piece of public art, PSPL Director Jean Ruark saw the benefit in participating in the program. Ruark says she did not anticipate the warm, welcoming, and even proprietary response to Humpty that she and other library staff members have observed. At a school visit, a library staff member told the class that she worked at the library. A child immediately responded with, ”You work where Humpty lives!”

Responses like these have prompted the Friends of PSPL to make the library and Frankfort Humpty’s permanent home. Humpty’s visit was sponsored by Richard Rosen, but it will take purchasing the sculpture to keep him here. The Friends of PSPL saw a unique opportunity to get Humpty’s fans involved, to keep Humpty here and not let him fall back to Minnesota. 

The Friends of PSPL are raising the funds necessary to keep Humpty. It will take $20,000. No donation is too small, but anyone donating $500 or more will be included in a plaque that will be permanently installed near Humpty. There are several suggested donation levels: the Humpty Dumpty level at $2,500; the King’s Men level at $1,000; the King’s Horses level at $500; and the Friends of Humpty level, for donations of $100 or less.

Donations may be made online, at the Friends’ website, https://www.psplfriends.org/; at the Lilian Lindsey Book Store inside PSPL, or mailed to the Friends of PSPL, ATTN: Humpty, 319 Wapping St., Frankfort, KY, 40601.

Look for events related to the “Don’t Let Humpty Fall” campaign — programs at PSPL and an art contest for children up to 12 years old — in the coming weeks. The campaign will continue through September, unless the goal is achieved earlier. 

Stop by the library and visit Humpty, share your pic on the Friends’ or the library’s social media accounts; check the Friends of PSPL website https://www.psplfriends.org/ for updates and more information.