At City National Bank, we understand that everyone’s financial needs are different. That’s why our Wealth Management advisors work closely with each of their clients to create a personalized plan tailored to meet their unique goals.
With retirement planning, investment management, and legacy wealth planning services, we can help you manage your money today and plan for the future.

• Local Service
• $25K Minimum Account Relationship
• Personalized Plans
• All-inclusive Fee Structure
• 24/7 Online Account Access
• $1.8B Assets Under Management
• In-House Investment Management
• Proven Record of Investment Returns
Retirement Planning

We offer account consolidation services and rollover assistance to create a personalized retirement plan that meets your needs. We’ll work with you to transition from investing and saving to protecting and maximizing your income.

Investment Management

With no propriety products and an all-inclusive, no-hidden-fee structure, your City Wealth Management advisor will create a custom investment strategy tailored to your individual goals.
Our process:

  1. Explore goals: Meet with your City Wealth Management advisor to discuss your financial goals.
  2. Develop a Personalized Plan: City’s Wealth Management Investment Team will develop a custom strategy tailored for you.
  3. Review, Monitor and Adjust Plan: Your advisor will keep you informed and make adjustments as necessary to suit any changing needs.

Benefits of City’s Investment Management

• Investment program tailored to your needs
• Safekeeping of securities
• Collection and reinvestment of income
• Detailed record keeping
• All-inclusive fee structure
• No proprietary products or third-parties
• Solid investment advice from experienced professionals

Trust and Estate Planning

We offer a full range of services including managing investments in your trust, acting as a Trustee, and providing administrative support and servicing for clients who serve as Trustees.
In addition, we offer estate settlement services and will work directly with your attorney to assist in creating an estate plan that is right for you any your loved ones.