Downtown Frankfort Inc.’s Candlelight Weekend kicked off on Nov. 9, 2023, in downtown Frankfort. (Photographs by Charlie Baglan)

Vicki and Ralph Toenjes
Mackenzee Sawyer and Rhonda Stevens
Ashley McDonald and Jenny Luscher
Terri and Terry Smith
Teresa Sims and Tracy Brindle
Yvonne Beghtol, Dawn Welch and Donna Howard
Matt and Andrea Vincent, and Charles Berry
William, Ronan and Robert Kirkman
Michael and Sophia Hendershot
Ella Simpson and Emery Mitchell
Karen and Patrick O’Connell
Gary and Marsha Mudd
Lindsey and Ellie Johnson
Michel, Clara and Emmett Hines
Ripkin, Kate Hamilton and Teagan Girtley
Connie Westmoreland and Kim Bhandari
Jana Sturm and Roger Strunk
Layne Wilkerson