For Marti Quire, getting older isn’t about slowing down. It’s about getting stronger and stronger with each passing year.

“I want to make my body fitter each year,” Quire said about her personal fitness goals.

Since the summer, Quire has been helping other people meet their fitness goals by serving as a bootcamp coach and instructor at GURU Fitness, which was founded by Dale Robinson. Quire has been working out with Robinson since he opened his gym in the garage of his home in 2016.

“Once I started with Dale, it was a no brainer,” she said. “You’re only as old as you feel. After each workout, I felt stronger and better each day.”

Quire is a 1991 graduate of Franklin County High School. She is engaged to Todd Duvall and has two children Taylor Bay and Cooper Quire, both graduates of Western Hills High School.

GURU Fitness is located at 363 Versailles Road. For more information, follow GURU Fitness LLC on Facebook or visit

FRANK.: What did you like about working out with Robinson when you first started?

Quire: He had just got back from being incarcerated. He put in his time in prison and got certified and learned about fitness. I truly thought he was amazing. I gained so much from his motivational talks. Three years later, I still hang on to what he says at the end of class. It has worked mentally and physically.

FRANK.: What is one of the main messages Robinson has given you?

Quire: Learn to love yourself. You can’t love others until you love yourself. I realized I never took the time for me. I learned it was OK to love me. Once I figured that out, I could be so much better at all the other things and not just think about my flaws.

FRANK.: What do you like about being an instructor?

Quire: I like to train older women. I’m 46. Just because you hit a certain age, you don’t have to stop when things start to slow down. I’m older and if I can do it, you can do it. The older you get, the more you feel like your body needs more down time, that’s not the case. I want you to leave and feel like you accomplished something in your workout.

FRANK.: What are your personal fitness goals?

Quire: I want to make my body fitter each year. I want to be the mom that shows that you can do it. Every year, I want to get stronger, and get stronger.

I also would like to be a personal trainer. That is a goal.

FRANK.: What do you say to people who are on the fence about joining GURU fitness?

Quire: If we get the people here, they’ll see that there are all body shapes and types. There are men and women here. A lot of people think, “I have to get in shape before I get in shape.”

People will see that it’s not just fit people at GURU. There are people here trying to get fit. The weight loss that people have gone through is incredible.

The community at GURU is not your normal gym. We help others. Everybody is here to get better.