As a child, Diane Dehoney spent a lot of her time in the library, so it was only natural that she ended up studying library sciences in college.

“Originally, I thought I would go to law school,” Dehoney said. “Then, I started taking literacy classes and really got interested in it.”

Dehoney, a native of Greensburg, graduated from Green County High School in 2002. She attended the University of Kentucky and graduated in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in English. She then went on to receive a master’s degree in library and information science from the University of Illinois in 2007.

While going to school at UK, Dehoney worked at the W.T. Young Library and at the Lexington Public Library. While working toward her master’s degree, she worked in the general law library at U of I.

In August of 2007, Dehoney accepted a position as a reference librarian and adult program coordinator at the Paul Sawyier Public Library. She now serves as the library’s community service librarian, as well as continuing to serve as the adult program coordinator.

FRANK.: Have you always been a reader?

Dehoney: I was that kid who was always in the library. I was a reader. I just thought it was fascinating to study literature.

FRANK.: What all do your job duties entail?

Dehoney: I serve as a liaison between the library and the community. I’m out spreading the word about the library, attending meetings, sitting on committees, developing partnerships with local organizations and learning the needs of the people we serve. I take what I learn, as far as residents’ needs and wants, and transform it into programs that meet those needs.

Serving as the adult program coordinator is the fun part of my job. Our programs are not just for children. Each month our calendar offers a large selection of programs.

Our mission statement talks about offering opportunities for lifelong learning. That can take a lot of different shapes.

There’s a lot of variety in that job. I may do a craft workshop one day and lead a community discussion on a hot topic or a book that’s getting a lot of attention.

I lead a lot of the programs. I lead a book discussion every month with the Kentucky Book Group. I teach the craft classes for adults and families.

What we love doing most is partnering with other folks in the community and organizations to offer informative and entertaining programs for the community.

FRANK.: What do you personally get out of the work you do?

Dehoney: One of the greatest things that I take away from my job is getting to know my community and serving the people I interact with every day.

FRANK.: Do you have a favorite program that you like to work on?

Dehoney: Mark Kinnaird and I organize the Gathering of Authors that takes place in August every year. This year was the 11th annual Gathering of Authors. It is really a celebration of the rich tradition of Kentucky literature. It’s like a book fair, but smaller scale. We bring in Kentucky authors to sell and their books and meet the readers.

It’s grown every year, and now that we have this new beautiful space, we have the event here in the River Room. It’s a great day to celebrate Kentucky literature. This year, we had more than 30 authors.

FRANK.: What is your favorite book?

Dehoney: My favorite book is “Gone With the Wind,” by Margaret Mitchell. I also enjoy reading Silas House. I really love southern writers. I love southern gothic and fiction.

FRANK.: Outside of the library, what do you like to do? Any hobbies?

Dehoney: I love to read of course. I’m a member of the Frankfort Rotary Club. I like to cook and I like to do craft projects. I love to go to concerts. I go to a lot of rock concerts with my dad. We went to Fleetwood Mac recently.

I’m kind of a cat lady. I like to hang out with my 12-year-old rescue Dewey. He’s been with me my whole career.