Flea market finds, and just about any object that can hold something, can be repurposed to a container. If the item is wire, be sure to add a coco liner and if the item is solid, be sure to provide drainage holes near the bottom.

Everyday household recyclables (coffee, yogurt, bottles, etc.) can be painted and given a new life — bent license plates, old kitchen bowls and colanders, those few extra concrete blocks you have sitting next to the garage, and even logs and stumps can be transformed with soil and plants.

The main takeaway is to be creative and have fun, think of every object in a different way and how it would best suit the plants you want to display. Whether you are hanging air plants, creating a fairy garden, displaying annual color, potting up succulents or anything else, there is always something you have sitting around that can become a fun piece in the garden.

Here are just a few ideas for creating a container from ordinary objects: Carved out stones, millstones, concrete blocks, troughs and stock tanks, birdcage, old dishes and kitchen ceramics and bowls, muffin tins, pitchers and kettles, picture frames for air plants, corrugated pipe or any drainage pipe/tile, logs and stumps, laundry basket wrapped in burlap, tool boxes, antique wash tubs, galvanized buckets, gutters, paint buckets, DIY hypertufa, old concrete sinks, wine bottles, painted plastic bottles turned on side, lanterns, ladders with troughs between, wagons, bicycle baskets or other old wire baskets, crates, boots/shoes, old furniture, drawers and chairs, terra cotta chimney tiles, shutters for air plants, windows, pallets, old toy trucks or other sentimental pieces that have holding capacity, old fountains and shoe organizers.