The Tee It Up with C.O.C.O. (Capital Ovarian Cancer Organization) nine-hole ladies charity golf scramble and dinner took place Sept. 19, 2023, at the Frankfort Country Club. (Photographs by Charlie Baglan)

Jeri Mayes and Diane Smith
Cathy Mobley and Jean Vickers
Blossom Riffe and Tricia Potts
Tammy Wall and Brenda Majcher
Bobbye Brown and Susan Lawson
Kelly Childers, Kari Johnson, Molly Vanover and Regan Satterwhite
Skeet Tuttle and Judy Trigg
Janice Anglin and Jill LeMaster
Fran Wells and Beverly Vanhouten
Melinda Holbert, Lill LeMaster, Janice Anglin and Jenny Bannister
Teresa Prather and Alicia Boyd
Karen Liebman, Shirley Rodgers and Kathy Phelps
Robyn Hayes and Tina Payne
Lisa Cochran and Ann Hester
Lindsey Melton, Molly Vanover, Hanna Bennett, Amy Chambers and Regan Satterwhite