Reforest Frankfort took place at the Kentucky State University Harold R. Benson Research and Demonstration Farm on April 15, 2023. (Photographs by Charlie Baglan)

Debbie Bramlage and Lily
Gwen, Megan and Nora Goins
Noah Hall, Atticus and Lizzy Bates
Lynn Garrison and John Haney
Sheri Crabtree and Robin Antenucci
Tina Peck and Sara Anderson
Eleanor Hasken-Wagner and Cyndi Hasken
Tami Braden and Hannah Whalen
Subas Thapa Magar and Abbie Thompson
Ian Ries and Matt Behrends
Nour Salam and Barb Cornett
George Cook and Hayden Sutherland
Marlon and Lyse Bascombe
Sandi Yount, Hazel Baggett and Jude Baggett