The Capital Ovarian Cancer Organization (C.O.C.O.) Celebration of Life event took place April 25, 2022, at The Foundry. (Photographs by Charlie Baglan)

RB Brown and Amzie Wenning
Jeri Mayes and Kathy Phelps
Carolyn Keltner and Ann Hester
Bobbye Brown, Pam Beebe and Lisa Grim
Kristi Burchell and Jennifer Young
Deanna, Destiny and Colin McDonald
Russell Wells and Artie VanHouten
Colin, Deanna and Destina McDonald
Fran Wells and Tina Payne
Steve Hayes and Joyce Rector-Hayes
Judy Campbell and Billie Lee.
Janet Cantrill and Kathy Branham
Stacey Shane and Regina Wood
Joy Swatzyna, Sandra Allison and Darlene Stivers
Shari Thompson and Becky McKee
Michelle and Chris Ball
Kyra and Nathan Dailey
Karen Liebman and Sara Sutherland
Dan Liebman and Donna Barber
Adrienne and Joseph Liebman
Diane Smith, Lisa Moore and Mariam Hayden
Cheryl Harp and Brenda Majcher