First impressions are lasting impressions. Enhancing curb appeal creates an inviting entrance to your home everyone can marvel at, including potential homebuyers if you are looking to sell.

Not all transformations need to break the bank. We transformed this home in Cloverdale by following a few easy steps.

  1. Created more substantial porch columns and simplified the porch beam to create a modern, clean look and repainted columns, beams and trim work. The white paint provides contrast against the brick siding.
  2. Removed and replaced old fencing with a custom, modern corten steel screens installed between cedar posts.
  3. Added a circular driveway and created a modern look for the walkway. The unique pea gravel and decorative cobble placement creates an inviting entrance and adds to the texture.
  4. Removed weedy landscape and degraded sidewalk and brought the landscape out from the house. The existing hosta under the window remained in place and adds texture with large leaves. Additionally, their white blooms add interest in August and September. I chose hardy, native (and a few non-native), drought tolerant plants to work with the gravel mulch. Though we typically don’t recommend gravel mulch, it works in this modern landscape. The landscape includes native cutleaf American elderberry, threadleaf blue star, prairie dropseed, native agave “Sugar Shack” buttonbush, “Linesville” arborvitae, “Art Boe” arborvitae, “Cascade Falls” weeping bald cypress and “Annabelle” smooth hydrangea. Non-native plants include weeping pussy willow and “Green Column” yew.
  5. Weaved in interesting accents like the black composite containers filled with native pink muhly grass and white euphorbia, which are complemented by the black corten steel screens.

This budget-friendly design created a unique, eye-catching, low maintenance front yard everyone can enjoy!