There might be many reasons you want to venture into Ginza Japanese Cuisine — the fun and friendly atmosphere, the creative drinks, the drink specials, the delicious food. No matter your reason for venturing into Ginza, once you experience it, you’ll find yourself hooked.

Ginza owners, Sho and Ratiya, are not new to the restaurant game. Hailing from New York, they brought much of their restaurant experience with them to Frankfort. We have a friend of theirs to thank for their presence in Frankfort. After working in restaurants in New York for a while, they were ready for a change of pace and scenery. They learned from that friend living in Frankfort that there weren’t any Japanese restaurants here, decided this was place, headed south, and named their place Ginza after both the restaurant they left in New York as well as famous spot in Tokyo. Fortunately for all of us, their experience has turned Ginza into a delicious and popular spot in town that we have been enjoying for over ten years now.

At Ginza you can find a variety of dishes to choose from, including sushi, hibachi and tempura. Their sushi menu covers everything from creative specialty rolls, such as the Rainbow Roll and the Honey Wasabi Roll, to traditional sashimi. However, be prepared to share or take some home with you, because the combination of fresh seafood flown directly from Hawaii and their creative flavor pairings will make it impossible for you to choose just one option. In fact, some of Sho and Ratiya’s most memorable customers travel significant distances just for the extensive sushi menu. One couple has been driving over three hours for years just to come back for their favorite sushi.

“It’s too hard to choose just one favorite special roll, because we won’t put anything on the menu that we don’t love ourselves!”

If you’re in a celebratory mood or just want something a little more exciting for your dinner, bring a group and enjoy a lively hibachi dinner prepared right before your eyes by Ginza’s talented chefs. With options ranging from vegetarian to lobster, you and your group will not be disappointed. The hibachi tables are popular spots for birthdays, girls’ night out, anniversaries, graduations, and any other special occasion you can think of. Sho and Ratiya ensure that the vibe in Ginza is always fun and welcoming and they have even been known to help surprise unsuspecting dates with prom-posals and a proposal a few years ago! (She said yes, by the way!) However, the thing that makes the hibachi dinners so popular is Ginza’s famous fried rice.  In fact, choosing the rice to use for both the fried rice as well as the sushi rice was the most important part of opening the restaurant for Sho and Ratiya. So, if you find that the Ginza fried rice is better than any other you’ve tried, that is entirely thanks to their passion for sharing the tastes they love and their discerning attention to detail.

Maybe you’re in the mood for a little something else? You can check out the Teriaki and Tempura menus as well. Whether you come prepared to eat your way through the sushi menu, to celebrate with friends and family, or to enjoy something off the beaten path, Sho and Ratiya will take care of you at Ginza. Getting to know their customers is one of the things they enjoy most about running Ginza. They’ve met everyone from high school kids on pre-dance dates to Senators and Representatives in town for the legislative session. They will celebrate Christmas and New Years with you because the only day of the year Ginza closes is Thanksgiving.  It takes a true passion and commitment to your craft to create what Sho and Ratiya have over their ten years at Ginza.